This site is currently under construction.
This site is currently under construction.
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When attempting to make a reservation, it may be of your best interest to call the establishment directly rather than using a "3rd party" website such as,, or to look up rates and/or check availability. Especially when booking short notice. This is because when rates are posted with these companies they are established months in advance and availability could reflect “no rooms” because of high commissions not wanting to be paid. Meanwhile, an establishment such as Americas Best Value Inn, New Paltz may lower their rates and/or still have rooms available for various reasons.

We know, it can be argued that an individual establishment may raise the rates as well... But, if you believe that to be the case then always do your research and check BOTH.
3rd websites Do Not always reflect accurate information for neither rates nor availability.
If you're coming to New Paltz to stay for more than two weeks we may be able to negotiate a better rate other than our regular rack rates which are posted on the internet, told over the telephone by our front desk staff, and/or by Americas Best value Inn Corporate contacts.
You should contact Rob Schaller Jr. to negotiate such a rate at 845-255-8865 ext. 6
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